Who Paints the Barn Quilts?


We want to include as many community groups as possible.  We are excited about our partnership with WSU Extension and the possible involvement of the 4-H program.

  • Our barn quilts are painted by a dedicated group of volunteers that come every week, 2-3 days, for several hours each day, to paint the barn quilts.  Most of these volunteers came to help help paint their barn quilt originally and now help paint everyone else’s!
  • Betty Severin
  • Kathi Brunson
  • Jean and Bruce Skibeness
  • Carol Borowski
  • Barb Nelson
  • Sheryl Grundon
  • Diane Gokey
  • Lyn Derrick
  • Jacky Fausset
  • Naomi Trago
  • Local Artists
  • 4-H Club members
  • Local Grange