Barn Quilts Trail

Kittitas County, Washington is located in a long and wide fertile valley bordered by the Cascade Mountains to the West,  arid shrub steppe hills to the East and South and the Stuart Mountain Range to the North.   A long sunny growing season, makes it a  truly beautiful and productive place to work and live as evidenced by the abundant ranches and farms that divide up our valley like a patchwork quilt.

There are several hundred historic, just old, and working barns in Kittitas County and many more other agricultural buildings.   We are preparing to paint our first barn quilt for a well-known (and yet to be disclosed!) barn.

Photos and the history of every barn, the significance of the quilt blocks and the sponsor of the Barn Quilts will be included on this page as we complete them. Interesting stories of  the builders, homesteading families and farms and ranches will be collected and included.

 Soon to come!…

  • A published self-guided driving tour map.
  • We’ll also include a Google map to pin point its location in the county.
  • Q R codes to access all the information  on your smart phone
  • Docent led barn quilt tour for charter buses

This is a composite photo of a Barn Quilt on one of our old barns against a background of the beautiful Stuart Mountains in Central Washington State.  Yes, we really do have beautiful wild flowers blooming in the spring in Kittitas County!                                    Which quilt block would you choose?