M18 Yoder Farm

Owners: Jean Yoder & David Newcomer

Address: 157430 Manastash Road, Ellensburg, Wa

Please do not trespass to take photos!

Quilt Block: “Rose of Sharon”                                                              The quilt block was chosen to replicate a quilt that was a gift from Jean’s Mother Lucille (Eicher) Yoder. of Archbold, Ohio.  She made the quilt when she was 18 years old.   

Farm History: Jean and David have lived here for 18 years.  The original homesteader’s cabin was built in 1911.  It has been added onto a number of times. They don’t know exactly how old the barn is but it is very old and built out of old railroad flat car decking stood on end.  The original use of the place was as a dude ranch where people were brought from Seattle for a country experience.  

The last agricultural use of the barn was as a swine shed for Erin Greene’s pigs.  She also pastured her horse in the field west of the house.

David and Jean have had a variety of animals at different times, pigs, chickens, ducks, sheep, trout, dogs, cats, etc… but unfortunately raccoons, coyotes and river otters have had a taste for their pets as well!