M7 Skibeness Farm

Owners: Bruce and Jean Skibeness

Address: 2161 Strande Road, Ellensburg, Wa

Private Drive/ Do Not Trespass to take photos!

Quilt Block: ‘Nordic Star’

The barn is probably the oldest standing barn in the lower Kittitas County.   It was built in 1875 by Edwin Nelson, the original owner of the farm. A Texas style barn, it has withstood many years of wind and snow.  It’s original function was for hay and animals and it is still used for those purposes today.

The farm was part of the Strande family land holdings for almost a century.  The Skibeness family purchased this piece of the farm in 1988 where they lovingly keep their Grandaughter’s horses and ‘Cocoa’ the pigmy goat they rescued as a baby.

Bruce and Jean are faithful painters of barn quilts in the valley.