M11 Schnase Barn

Owners:  Shirley and Rich Schnase

Address:  South end of River Bottom Road, Ellensburg

Private Drive/ Do not trespass to take photos!

Quilt Block:  Dala Horse (a swedish folk art design that represents their Swedish heritage)

Barn quilt best viewed from North side of property on River Bottom Road.

Farm History: This gambrel style barn was built in 1912 by the original homesteaders, the Pease family.  Its original function was a dairy barn.  The Brunson family farmed this property for many years, then the Barretts. Starting in 2007, Rich and Shirley Schnase, painstakingly converted the old barn into a beautiful home.  Applying their craftsmanship and artistic sensibilities, they restored and refinished almost every board from the barn for the wainscoting, counters flooring and stairs. Even the original cow stantions, hay trolley and beams are incorporated into the welcoming and family-friendly interior design.

Shirley and Rich are close neighbors with their son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren that live in the original farmhouse across the drive from the barn.   They often often awaken to the grandchildren fixing themselves breakfast in the kitchen, a well-deserved, dream come true!