M5 Riegel Farm

Address: 3571 Umptanum Rd, Ellensburg, Wa

Private Drive/ Do Not Trespass to take photos!

Quilt Block: Corn and Beans

The original quilt was made by Bessie Riegel, Kirk’s grandmother, in the early 1930’s or 40’s.  She lived to be 103 years old, a life long resident of the Kittitas valley.

Barn History: The Barn was originally built around 1900 by Henry Prater for boarding work horses and hay storage.  When he switched to mechanized equipment, the loft was removed and the walls stabilized with cables to allow for hay storage- all hand stacked.

Kirk and Marie Riegel purchased the farm in 1985 from his Mom and Dad, and have been farming the land ever since.  The original Riegel farm is just up the road on the east side. (white barn and building.)