M4 Sweetwater Lavender Farm

Owners: Mike and Sheryl Grunden

Address: 1431 Killmore Road, Ellensburg, Wa.

Quilt Block: Log Cabin

Sweetwater Lavendar Farm History

Mike and Sheryl Grunden bought their property in 2008.  The monitor style barn is for hanging and drying their fresh picked lavender and tractor storage.  Sheryl says,” My grandmother, Ruth Hickenbottom and my mother and big sister are all quilters.  I have always appreciated their talent and the quilts they made for the family.”  The Grundon’s have chosen the shades of purple in their quilt block to represent the many varieties of lavender they grow and ‘log cabin’ is one of their favorite designs.  This particular variation of ‘log cabin’ is called ‘barn raising’.

The Grunden’s Lavender farm is open for visitors to pick fresh lavender, June-September.