M1 Gokey Farm

Owners: Ed and Diane Gokey

Address: 2680 Killmore Rd., Ellensburg, Wa.

Private Drive/ Do Not Trespass to Take Photos!

Quilt Block: Sagebud & Taking Time to Smell the Flowers

Ed and Diane Gokey chose this quilt block for the North side of the barn called ‘Sagebud’ in memory of Ed’s mother, Catheryn Gokey, an accomplished quilter.  Diane wanted to use autumn colors to relect her mother-in-laws favorite season.  The new barn built in 2010, is used for the grandchildren’s horses and storage.

On the South side of the barn is a barn quilt recently designed and painted by Diane and her mother.   Wildflowers and hummingbirds are some of their favorite things!