M9 Gibson Farm

Owners: Louie and Kris Gibson

Address: 1221 S. Thorp Hwy, Ellensburg, Wa.

Private Drive/ Do Not Trespass to take Photos!

Quilt Block: American Independence

The women of the Gibson Family and Kay Lym painted this patriotic barn quilt for the old Rego Barn. It is one of the favorite little red barns in the area and has been featured on several newspapers.
Jacob Rego left Missouri to come to the Kittitas Valley with his parents in 1912. He married a Missori girl, Emma Ross in 1883 and they settled on this farm. The barn was built in 1912 by Jacob Rego, for Durham cattle, hay storage and calf pens. The farm was passed down to the John Rego family, who lived here until It was then purchased by Herb and Kay Lym who owned it until 1989. Kay’s son Louie and daughter-in-law Kristin have been keepers of the farm since then.

Square nails, round pegs and a sheltered location have served this barn well.  The minature donkeys share the lower barn with a family recreation room on the top floor.