M21 Gerrits Farm

Owners: Bill and Marian Gerrits

Address: 3451 Brondt Road, Ellensburg, Wa.

Quilt Block: Cluck Ol’ Hen

Farm History: This old post and beam barn was built in 1902 by a man named Hicks. The Hicks family came to the valley in 1892 and bought this 80 acres.  In 1902, Ben Hicks build a brick house for his wife for giving birth to a son. The Hicks already had 4 daughters and 2 sons. One of the Hick’s great-grandfathers was married on the Gerrits farm.  The estate in 1920 included, 520 acres of grazing land, 80 acres of farmland and a few town lots.

In 1928, Billy and Edna Brondt bought the farm and house and barns.  Mrs. Brondt was active in the Temperance Movement and Billy and son Harold were farmers, heart and soul.  At this time, water rights were the top of the farmers concerns.

Bill and Marian bought part of the farm in 1970.Here is their recipe for a happy life:

Bring 3 kids and a dream to the property.  Raise a few cows and too many chickens. Have lots of extra kids around.  Throw in Bill’s tomato garden and Marian’s love of theater.  Add a few grandkids to have their run of the place.  Let ’em play in the ditches and the dirt and have their dreams!