M16 Carpenter

Owners: Ruth and Ken Carpenter

Address: 2551 South Thorp Hwy, Ellensburg, Wa

(please do not trespass on private property to take photos)

Quilt Block: “Wild Goose Chase”  (based on a quilt made by Ruth’s Grandmother)

History: Ken and Ruth to the property in 1980, designing and building their home.  The Carpenter’s roots are deep in Ohio, the Belmont and Monroe County area fo Southeastern Ohio.  (Where the barn quilt trail movement began in 2001).  Ken’s family had a dairy farm and can remember putting up hay with a pitchfork onto the wagons and then into the barns.

In 1961, Ruth and Ken moved to Washington state.  Ken first worked for the Soil Conservation district in Lincoln County and then later worked for the U.S. Forest Service in Cle Elum and Naches.

Ruth has chosen a quilt block from her Grandmother’s quilts.  She lived with Ruth’s family from the 1930’s until her passing in 1952.  As a child, Ruth remembers her quilting.  When winter came, up went the quilting frames and she quilted the blocks she had made from old dresses and aprons.  Ruth is happy to remember her Grandmother with this barn quilt.

The land has had cattle at different times.