M3 Brunson Farm

Owners: Tom and Kathy Brunson

Address: 1871 South Thorp Highway, Ellensburg, Wa.

Private Drive/ Do Not Trespass to take photos!

 Quilt Block: Evening Star/Bear Paw

Brunson Farm History This old barn was constructed in 1895 by John Burch with hand-hewn lumber for his dairy cows and draft horses.

In 1896, Dan W. Brunson, came to the Kittitas Valley and first homesteaded in the Badger Pocket area.  He later moved to Thorp and then purchased the present farm in 1912 from John Burch.
  He met his wife Mary Hawthorne, at a pie social where he was acting as auctioneer.  He won the bid on her basket and married her in 1903.  He continued to be the only auctioneer in the valley for farm sales until 1938.  This extra work contributed to him to continue farming during the Great Depression when many farms were being lost and sold.
 His son, Dan H. Brunson and his wife Elisabeth Breckon, took over the farm in 1938.  His grandson, Tom Brunson and his wife Kathi, have operated the farm since 1972.  This year, marked the 100th anniversay of this farm in the Brunson name by 3 generations!
Kathi has become a tireless painter of the barn quilts around the county and we greatly appreciate her participation and support.