T2 Ballard Farm

Owners: Chuck and Bev Ballard

Address: 901 Ballard Hill Road, Cle Elum, Wa.

Private Drive/ Do Not Trespass to take photos!

Quilt Block:  ‘Wagon Wheel’ with ‘Circle 7’ family brand.

The Ballard farm has been in the Ballard Family for 113 years, six remarkable generations!  The quilt block was dedicated to the memory of Greg Ballard, a well-loved firefighter in our county.

 The barn was built in 1900 for hay storage and horses and currently is utilized for farm storage.  The barn’s diagonal bracing is very unusual in the valley, but has served the farm well.   It has been able to withstand the considerable winds over the last century.

The Ballard family’s original land holdings are still intact, a rarity in agriculture today.   The land on the hill above the farm was donated for the one-room, Teanaway school in 1904.  The school was deeded to the Swauk Teanaway Grange in 1947.