P9 Dalle Farm

Owner: Ron Dalle

Address: seen from I-90 at Exit 84(Cle Elum) Westbound

Please do not trespass on private property to take photos!

Quilt Block: Dalle Family choice.  The cow, sheep, and grape vines represent the livestock and crops grown on the farm.

Farm History: The old barn was built in 1920 by Frank Dalle.  The farm was homesteaded by the Frank and Regina Dalle in 1919.  They raised 7 kids on the farm along with dairy cows for milk.   They opened a country grocery store which sold a lot of Italian favorites such as pasta, olive oil and other foods imported form Italy.  They also grew grapes and made wine, which they sold out the back of the store.

When I-90 was built a lot of the farm was sold to the state, but the rest stayed with Reno Dalle and the family.  His daughter and son-in-law, Debbie and Mike Odiaga, raised sheep and lived on the farm until their passing.

It was really wonderful to have so many of the family show up for the barn quilt hanging!