P6 Bierek Farm

Owners: Bierek Family

Address: 3001 Upper Peoh Point Road, Cle Elum, Wa

Quilt Block:  Log Cabin (based on a quilt Brett’s mother made him).

Farm History:  The Bierek family has lived on this old farm since 1997.   Formerly owned by Dick Goodman, the old barn was most likely built around the turn of the 1900’s. The tree branch hay manger is still in place and although missing a few boards, it is well used today for hay storage and shelter for their donkey, ‘Sugar’.

Brett’s year-round business, Dieselwerx, manufactures flat beds for trucks and snowbike kits, but he still farms the alfalfa fields, baling the nutritious feed for his livestock.           brett@dieselwerx.com