E23 Sunny Heights Farm

Owners: Paul and Doris Schwarz

Address: 2713 Kittitas Hwy, Ellensburg, Wa

Private Drive/ Do Not Trespass to take photos!

Quilt Block:  Courthouse Steps

History: The barn was built in 1995 for hay storage.   Although the barn is very new, the quilt block represents a very old quilt.   Doris’s Grandmother brought this beautiful, colorful, quilt from Independance, Missouri, over the Barlow Trail in 1860.   Her last name was Bonney and she and her husband were very close friends with the ill-fated Whitman family of the Whitman Mission in Walla Walla.

Doris’s grandparents went on to homestead in the fertile Willamette Valley and before their deaths, they willed a considerable amount of land to establish a Boy’s Home and school on the banks of the Willamette River.