E21 Old Nelson Farm

Address: 8651 Vantage Hwy, Ellensburg, Wa.

Please Do Not Trespass on private property to take photos!

Quilt Block: Spools (to honor Barb Nelson, an extraordinary quilter!)

Farm History:  The house and this huge barn were built about 1910 by Henry Kleinberg Wholesale Hay and Grain.   The next owners were Fred Schnebly. In those early years, the barn was used to store hay, plus stalls for the work horses on the west end. The east end was used for a milk cow or two.   When the tractor and harrow came into use, the barn was used primarily for equipment and hay storage.

In 1933, John and Amy Nelson, moved onto the farm and purchased it a few years later.  Their son, Gene married Barb Nelson in 1956 and they purchased the farm from Gene’s parents the follow year.

Gene and Barb raised cattle, hay, grain and corn on the farm as well as rented additional acreage to grow hay on.  They started the hay compressing business for efficiently exporting timothy hay to Japan.  That part of the business was later sold to Anderson Hay.

Gene and Barb raised four children on this farm.  At retirement they sold all but 5 acres to a neighbor.   Gene died in 1995 and Barb remained on the small farm until 2010.

After moving to town, Barb found herself with more time to pursue her love of quilting.  She has made hundreds of quilts as gifts and commissions, but she also dedicates hundreds of hours to creating quilts for soldiers, families that have lost their homes and fund-raising quilts for many non-profit organizations.

This particular quilt block is one of Barb’s favorites so we chose it to honor her not only as a committed member of Barn Quilts of Kittitas County, but as a generous, tender hearted woman who applies her talents to help and comfort those around her.