E5 Land Title Building

Land Title Building Owners: Desert Rose LLC.

Address: 105 E. 5th Street, Ellensburg, Wa.

Quilt Block: Desert Rose

History: The Tenino Sandstone, brick and timber building was built in 1911 by architect FR Spangler, a local Ellensburg citizen.  The intricate designs of Lion heads, gargoyles, and sheaves of wheat, were popular motifs on buildings of this type in the day. A large derrick was needed to swing the heavy blocks of Tino stone into place.  It was constructed to convey stability, longevity and security.

Originally the building was home to the Farmer’s Bank.   The Farmer’s Bank became the National Bank of Commerce in 1937.  Judge Ray Whitfield and Don Broughton, Rehaume’s grandfather and father respectively, purchased the building in 1967 for their land title business.   It has been in the family of current owners for 55 years.

Linda Rehaume chose the quilt block called Desert Rose, inspired by an applique-style quilt representing her family’s corporation.  The initials on the corner of the stand proudly for each of her family tree surnames, Whitfield, Broughton and Rehaume.  The grandson’s intials are included in the center diamond.