E20 Johnson Farm

Owners: Darrell and Susan Johnson

Address: 9911 Vantage Hwy, Ellensburg, Wa

Quilt Block: Celtic/8 pointed Star

History: This farm was purchased form Sid and Jean DeBoer in 1994.  They were dairymen from Burlington, WA. and had purchased the farm from the Dan Akehurst family that operate the Longhorn Cattle Company North of Ellensburg.

When Susan and Darrell purchased the farm, we were raising holstein replacement heifers.  We also raised them for the Sid DeBoer Dairy.  In 2000, we changed our business and now operate a hay distributing business, selling, packaging materials for hay exporting companies.  We also developed a recycling business, collecting and baling, used twine.  It is primarily sold to China to recycle into children’s toys.