E6 Harmon (Dreyer) Farm

Owners: Allen and Billie (Dreyer) Harmon

Address: 708 S. Willow St., Ellensburg, Wa

Private Drive/ Do Not Trespass to take photos!

Quilt Block: Diamond Star

History: Herman and Katherine Dreyer built this old barn in 1932 for milking cows and hay storage.  It then passed to Ben and Flossie Dreyer in 1942 until 1987.  The farm was a productive dairy until 1960 and sold the milk to Darigold.  Allen and Billie (Dreyer) Harmon became owners of the family farm in 1987 to the present.

The barn is currently used for mechanical repair and woodworking, but the original trolley and rail in the eve of the barn are still in place.   The trolley loaded hay from the wagon into the barn.  Billie has memories of many hours of fun with visiting neighbor kids, swinging from the rafters by a rope unto the soft piles of hay.