E9 Glory Farm

Owners: Ellen Newman and Pat Walton

Address:  4441 Dry Creek Road, Ellensburg, Wa

Quilt Block: Shoo Fly (chosen from Ellen’s Grandmother’s quilt)

Farm History:

This beautiful barn was built in 1894 by Christen O. Eidal who came to the United States from Norway at 23 years of age.  His first job in the valley was on the Erickson farm in the Fairview district of the valley.

In 1893 he married Sigrid Digan, another Norwegion immigrant, the sister of Mrs. Peter Wold.  When Christen Eidal settled in Kittitas county he did so without a dollar in his pocket. But like so many others here, he was full of hope and energy.  With relentless toil and perserverance his farm was one of the garden spots in the valley.  He grew timothy and hay and ran a small dairy. Mr. Eidal held the opinion that any intelligent man who is willing to work jointly with his head and hands can live a happy and prosperous life in Kittitas County.

The Eidal family lived here until 1947 when they sold it to the Liboky family.  The farm changed hands again in 1977 when the John and Pricella Brown purchased it.  They named it the Black Knight Farm and raised purebred Angus cattle.

Ellen and Pat are the new and grateful owners of this beautiful old farm. In fact written at the bottom of the Glory Farm sign is “New Life, Old Farm.” Ellen hosts a witty and refreshingly honest blog about the adventures of moving from a city in Southern California to the daily blessing of an old farm. The two of them, along with their visiting children tackle most of the maintenance and restoration themselves. It is a lovely work in progress.