E14 Brown Farm

Owners: Lynn and Linda Brown

Address: 5711 Reecer Creek Road, Ellensburg, Wa.

*Barn quilt best seen looking North from intersection of Reecer Creek Rd. and Hungary Junction Road.

(Please do not trespass on private driveway to take photos)

Quilt Block:  ‘Soil and Water’

Farm History: Lynn and Linda Brown have owned this farm since 1998 and designed and built the barn on the property.

The Browns have devoted a big part of their lives to soil and water conservation on their farm, within the Kittitas Valley and the entire state.

Linda designed the quilt block to represent the farmland which is made up of circles, squares, rectangles of crops with all the different color spectrums.  It was designed to represent the agriculture community as the long-term, multi-generational, stewards of the land.  The symbol of water in the center of the quilt block, shows that precious resource as the essence of life.

They currently raise horses on their farm.