D16 Thrall Road Farm

Address: 4221 Thrall Road, Ellensburg, WA.

Quilt Block: Cockscomb and Currents

History:This newcomer to Kittitas County, farms 70 acres of the old Howard Place on Tjossem Road.  His farming roots are deep on both sides of his family.  He is descended on his Father’s side from immigrants who came from Germany to Oregon’s Rogue River Valley late in the 1800’s.  The homesteaded there and portions of the original place are still being farmed by family today. On his Mother’s side, his ancestors, traveling across the prairie in Conestoga wagons, came to the southern Willamette Valley of Oregon from Pennslvania to homestead above the pretty Row River.  That land is still being farmed though not by family. So the love of the soil led him and his wife here in 2002 from Enumclaw.  Growing up on his Dad’s cattle ranch and putting up acres and acres of hay every summer prepared him for the timothy hay business.   he has found his neighbors here to be friendly and helpful. The pattern they chose is taken from a quilt made by his great aunt, Ruth Shearer, early in the 20th century.  Miss Shearer lived part of her adult years with her brother and his family on the farm outside of Cottage Grove, Oregon, but also served as ‘house mother’ at the University of Oregon chapter of Sigma Kappa sorority for a while.  She made many beautiful quilts which are treasured by the family. Kittitas Valley and Ellensburg have become home to him and his wife, who was a city girl but always wanted to marry a farmer.  They are grateful for the opportunities to live and work in this lovely valley and great country of immigrants who have become one nation under God.