D14 Thrall & Dodge Winery

Owners: Troy and Kimberly Goodreau

Address: 111 Dodge Road, Ellensburg, WA

Quilt Block:  Rusty Horseshoe                                  (named after all the old horseshoes found on the property when planting the vineyards)

Vineyard History: The land upon which the cabin and winery was built was originally part of the Bob Pieters Cattle and Hay operation and horse ranch. Trainer, Jim Lawrence raised many horses, including “Ruffus Bars”, who won many races and sired numerous award winning foals.

The farm has been in the family since 1976 when the Goodreau family moved here full-time, after many years of visiting the area to hunt, fish, and horseback ride.  The log cabin was built by Troy’s Father and Mother, Jim and Peggy Goodreau with help from family and friends.  The logs were from the Colckum Hills, after being in a forest fire years earlier.  It took two years to build but was the residence of James and Peggy for many years.

After his parents passing, their son Troy bought the cabin in 2005 and turned the love of family winemaking into a commercial winery.  As a side note: Troy, with his family’s encouragement, had been making wine since the 1970’s.  The Goodreau’s would give the wine out as Christmas and special occasion gifts as well as the coveted spirit of many elk and deer hunting outings.  The cabin was converted into a winery in 2005 and a tasting room was installed on the property, claiming to be the worlds smallest tasting room.

The vineyard is located on the 1600 foot level of the Manastash Ridge just west of Saddle Mountain and the Boylston Mountains with regional views including the Stuart’s Mountain Range.

The Thrall Dodge Winery Label features the “Rusty Horseshoe” named after the many horseshoes found on the land while planting the vineyard.  You can enjoy tasting the wines and visiting with the winemakers. The barn quilt, of the same names, is located on the tasting room next to the vineyard.

The Tasting room is open weekends, noon to 5 pm.     There is also a lovely picnic site, bocce ball court and venue for music and special events.

contact #: 509-925-4110   www.thrallwinery.com