D13 Reynolds Farm

Owners:    Gary and Kristine Reynolds

Address:  481 Busch Road, Ellensburg, Wa.

            (Please do not trespass on private property to take photos)

Quilt Block: Feathered Star variation

Farm History:  Gary and Kristine built their home and barn in 2003.  It is used for horses and equipment storage.  Although the Reynolds have lived in 13 different homes in their life together, this is the one they plan on being their last home.   They have a very close family of 6 children, five boys and one daughter.  Kristine hopes this barn quilt will represent their  binding love and be enjoyed by generations of Reynolds’ family members.

“Families are like quilts….lives pieced and stitched together.             Colored by happiness and tears, bound by memories and love,       Cherished throughout the years.”