D2 Old Graaff Farm

Owner: Betty Severin

Address: 3531 Denmark Road, Ellensburg, Wa

Private Drive/ Do Not Trespass to take photos!

Old Graaff Farm

Quilt Block:  Snail’s Trail (best viewed from the North side of the barn from Sorenson Rd.)

The colors in the quilt block represent the crops grown on the farm, hay, corn, beets and potatoes.  The family brand is the ‘Cross Bar G’.

Farm History:  In 1891, George and Cecilia (Quinn) Michels, moved from Seattle and purchased 80+ acres from Northern Pacific Railroad.  The Farm remained in the family and was operated by Gerald and George Graaff, grandsons of George and Cecilia.  In the 1980’s the farm was sold and the current 1.5 acres, part of the original homestead, is owned by great, granddaughter Betty Severin.  The last remaining original farm building, lovingly called the Great Grand Shed, came down in 2011, but the histoy and memories remain for all their 64 great grandchildren.