D5 Old Preece Farm

Owners: Lorraine Barrick and Paul Maybee

Address: 3460 Denmark Road, Ellensburg, Wa.

Private Drive/ Do Not Trespass to take photos!

Quilt Block: Midnight in the Garden

This farm on the corner of Sorenson and Denmark Roads is known as the Old Preece Farm.  Joseph Preece was born in England in 1852.  At the age of 16, Joseph ran off and joined the British Marines and saw much of the world. On a trip to through the Kittitas Valley he resolved to move to this beautiful area when he settled down.  In 1881 he filed a homestead on this current site. He worked on the ‘town ditch’ a tunnel through Craig’s Hill, on the edge of town while he developed his farm.

Joe met Mary McDonald in 1891, a young Scottish maid for a local family, at a party at the Bull Ranch and soon after they were  married.  They had four daughters and eventually built this house in 1916.  The daughters all  married into local farm families, that are still well established in the Kittitas Valley.   The Long family farmed this land, followed by the Anthony family, keeping it in the (Preece) family for a total of 98 years.

The current owners, Lorraine and Paul, have beautifully maintained the home, outbuildings and gardens in their original condition.   Paul is an accomplished potter and has converted the silo into a kiln room for firing his pottery.