D11 Ogilvie Farm

Owners: Loretta and Loren Ogilvie

Address: 3280 4th Parallel Road, Ellensburg

Quilt Block: Feathered Star

Farm History: This farm has been in the Ogilvie family for 43 years. The brand, E over quarter circle was owned originally by Jim Engler. In 1970, Loretta Ogilvie was added to the brand. Loren Ogilvie, her son, was added to the brand in 2000.
Jim Engler passed away in 2007 at age 90. there are several places he owned in the valley. If you see the brand E over quarter circle imprinted in cement, Jim owned it at one time.
This is a typical pole barn built by the Johnson Pole Builders, of Kittitas, Wa. in 1973 for hay storage. Hay is still the primary crop on the farm and the Ogilvies still retain a small herd of cattle.