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Barn Quilts of Kittitas County

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Mission Statement:

The mission of Barn Quilts of Kittitas County is to celebrate the agricultural industry and history of our county by developing a heritage-honoring, folk-art project.   Community-wide involvement, regional promotion and sustainable planning will have  long-term, cultural, social and economic impacts.


1)    Honor our Agricultural Heritage

Barn Quilts of Kittitas County will educate and help preserve the unique architecture of barns and their function. The symbolism of the painted quilt squares will honor the heritage and resourcefulness of the hard working men and women who settled in this county.

2)    Develop a Community Based Project

Barn Quilts of Kittitas County provides an opportunity for barn owners, community groups, sponsors  and artists to work together on a creative project that promotes our beautiful area. In doing so, we will honor our rural values:

  • Neighbors helping neighbors
  • Sharing generational stories
  • Making the most of all our cultural and natural resources.

3)    Promote Fine Arts and Craft Traditions

Barn Quilts of Kittitas County will promote the creative skills and talents of its community members and will provide product and marketing opportunities for local artists and craftsmen.

4)    Positively Impact the Local Economy

Barn Quilts of Kittitas County will promote and develop support for local artists, small businesses,  farms and community events by linking them to the promotion of the Barn Quilt Trail.  Kittitas  County is located within 2 hours of the metropolitan Puget Sound  and will draw many of the visitors who attend other counties’ festivals and historical attractions.

5)    Promote Agricultural Tourism

The Barn Quilt Trail provides the county an opportunity to showcase our rich, rural history, our beautiful scenic back roads and our agricultural  industry and related businesses.

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