Kittitas County is located in a long and wide fertile valley bordered by the Cascade Mountains to the West, the mighty Columbia River to the East, arid shrub steppe hills to to the South and the Stuart Mountain Range to the North.

A long, sunny growing season, makes it a truly beautiful and productive place to work and live as evidenced by the abundant ranches and farms that divide up our valley like a patchwork quilt.

There are several hundred historic, just old, and working barns in Kittitas County and many more other agricultural buildings. The first Barn Quilt on the Kittitas County Barn Quilt Trail was on the Dominion Barn. Currently, the historic barn is being utilized as a beautiful garden shop at Dusty’s Nursery in Ellensburg, Washington.

One Hundred beautiful quilt blocks have been installed throughout the county!  100 and still counting!

“When I first saw images of a barn quilt trail in Grundy County, Iowa  and read about the history of the project,  I was struck by  the  meaning and beauty of this grass-roots movement.  After that I never looked at a Kittitas barn the same way.  As I read and hear the stories of the farm and ranch homesteaders, the neighbors that shared in the building of the barns and the resourcefulness of the strong women who settled in Kittitas County, I am inspired to honor their heritage and share their stories in this community-based folk art project.                 Jacky Fausset – Barn Quilt Coordinator